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Bestselling author Cornelia Funke and acclaimed illustrator Kerstin Meyerthe winning team behind THE PRINCESS KNIGHTdeliver another glorious adventure tale that celebrates girlhood!Ferocious pirate Captain Firebeard THINKS that he and the ruthless crew of the Horrible Haddock rule the high seas But Firebeard and his band meet their match when they kidnap a small but feisty girl named Molly Even after the pirates threaten Molly with sharks and make her scrub the deck, she is utterly defiantand will NOT tell Firebeard who her parents are All the while, Molly is busy sending secret messages in bottlesbut to whom? When her rescuers arrive, the pirates are in for a real surprise! For the TRUE fiercest pirate on the seas is none other than Molly's mother!

10 thoughts on “Pirate Girl

  1. Ronyell Ronyell says:

    After reading “The Princess Knight” a couple of years ago, I became more interested in reading Cornelia Funke’s works that have strong female protagonists saving the day through their wits. So, I picked up this interesting book called “Pirate Girl” by Cornelia Funke along with illustrations by Kerstin Meyer that seems right up my alley!

    Captain Firebeard was known as the terror of the high seas as everyone ran away in fear from him and his unruly crew of pirates. One day, however, Captain Firebeard ends up meeting a young girl named Molly who was on her way to visit her grandma. Captain Firebeard then captures her and tried to get Molly to tell him what her parents’ names and address were, but Molly refused to tell the pirates anything. So, the pirates decided to make Molly their servant by making her do all the work around the ship until she reveals her parents’ identities. However, Captain Firebeard will soon learn the hard way that Molly is much smarter and resourceful than she lets on, which could lead to his downfall!

    Once again, Cornelia Funke has written a truly inspirational and witty book about strong female protagonists that really made me cheer for the lead character throughout this story! I loved the way Cornelia Funke has written Molly as being a resourceful and brave little girl as it made her character extremely inspiring and I loved the fact that even though Captain Firebeard threatened her at every turn, she still stood her ground by refusing to tell him about her parents’ names and address, which I found admirable. Kerstin Meyer’s artwork is cute and simplistic to look at as the pirates truly do look menacing and Molly is drawn in an extremely cute yet tough way as she is shown wearing red pigtails, a pink shirt and black pants which was quite unusual for this type of story.

    Parents should know that this story involves a little girl getting kidnapped by pirates and some parents might worry about the idea of a small child getting kidnapped by pirates due to the real world similarities of a young child getting abducted by strangers. Parents might want to discuss about strangers to their children so that way their children can gain a better understanding on the topic of strangers and kidnapping.

    Overall, “Pirate Girl” is a truly fantastic book about standing up for yourself and using your wits to get out of terrible situations. I would recommend this book to children ages five and up since the kidnapping theme might upset some children.

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  2. Paula Paula says:

    A rat and turtle on board to look for on almost every page, and strong redhead females!

  3. Dolly Dolly says:

    A humorous tale of a little girl who is brave in the face of a ship full of dangerous pirates. It's an inspiring tale of girl power, that's a wee bit silly, a wee bit scary, and a lot of fun to read aloud.

  4. RH Walters RH Walters says:

    Molly the protagonist is unflappable and silent as the sea, but what won me was the honest way people are drawn — bald heads, floppy boobs, plain kids — and there is so much unselfconscious vivacity to them. Unsentimental yet affectionate drawing and everyday fearlessness.

  5. Shawn Deal Shawn Deal says:

    A girl empowerment story, about how a girl can be a pirate too, and just as good as any pirate. Very enjoyable.

  6. R R says:

    Great story. I loved the twist. Well written with lots of teaching potential.

  7. Eden Eden says:

    Molly was on her way to see her grandmother when she was raided by Pirates.
    Captain Firebeard and his crew raided every ship that came into sight. So when Molly's ship came into their view it was no surprise when they decided to raid her ship and bring her onto their ship. She was made peel potatoes and cleaned boots. But Molly told Captain Firebeard and his crew they would regret this and they would get their pay back.

    This was a cute little book with a nice ending. I really like how it ended, but I don't want to give away any more details. I'll just say that Molly was right; they all got their pay back.

  8. Laura Laura says:

    This was an amusing pirate tale. I liked how the story didn't go the way you'd imagine it going, but it still kept you entertained. The spirited little girl was a spunky character who I enjoyed seeing interact with the band of ruthless pirates. The ending was a tad bit random, but still interesting. I might recommend.

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  9. Laura Laura says:

    This book will appeal to girls and boys alike. The pirates are just as scummy and awful as you hope a pirate will be in a good picture book. Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen's Pirate Princess, soon-to-be-published, reminds me a lot of Funke's charming tale. Both feature girls that sail the seas and serve the every whim of the mean and evil pirates.

  10. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    This story of a brave and resourceful girl captured by pirates is a nice girl power story although it didn't strike me as particularly special or memorable in the storytelling or illustrations. It will probably appeal to fans of pirates, though, and is a good choice for boys and girls.