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The dreaded Dirty Joe and his piratical crew sail in search of the smelliest treasure ever: dirty socks! The rogues cheerfully pillage their way across the seven seas, until the day they run across another band of piratesone led by the notorious Stinky Annie Has Dirty Joe finally met his match?From Grammy Award ;winning storyteller Bill Harley and bestselling illustrator Jack E Davis comes a zany, tonguetwisting, sidesplitting tale certain to be prized by budding buccaneers!

10 thoughts on “Dirty Joe, the Pirate: A True Story

  1. Jen Jen says:

    People may think I'm taking this too seriously, or I'm too sensitive, and I'm okay with that. This IS a fun story. But I find the underwear bounty disturbing. Forcing someone else to give you their socks is one thing. Forcing someone to give you their underwear is a violation, and I have no desire to teach my children that it is appropriate, or that they have to go along with such a request. I also found the lesson about how mean big sisters are to be disturbing, since I was reading the book to my daughter who is a big sister to her little brother.

  2. Luisa Knight Luisa Knight says:

    I bet you thought that the reason your socks disappear is because of a sock monster in the wash. You'd be wrong. There are pirates that steal them! But there's another ship lurking on the oceans that steals something too. Our pirate friends better beware.

    Ages: 4 - 8

    Cleanliness: there are pirates that steal undies and hang them on their mast. The story ends by saying If you've got an older sister, then I feel bad for you, 'Cause just as long as she's alive, she'll tell you what to do.

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  3. Leanne Leanne says:

    Another pirate book to add to my collection! Thanks for the suggestion, Kristen. I highly recommend that all of you immediately go to youtube and look this book up. The author's reading of his tale is the best part!

  4. Edward Creter Edward Creter says:

    This book reminds me (again) that women do rule, and it can still be fun for both genders to share one world. Dirty Joe is a pirate who lives for the adventure of pilfering dirty socks and underwear for his decidedly all-male crew. This, of course, does not stop his sister and her Navy of bloomer-robbing baronesses from competing for his stash! The battle of the sexes takes on new depths (so to speak) and WE don't say Hanes until THEY say we say Hanes! That or someone should walk the plank of feminism! Har har har! A fun frolic thru uncharted waters for those brave enough to travel...and laugh along the route!

  5. Shelli Shelli says:

    I swear I am not a prude, but really?? When was it deemed o.k. in children’s stories to steal underpants from others as they wear them? In real life isn’t that considered sexual assault?? And would this book have as many stars and accepting reviews if it were the boy pirates stealing underpants off the girl pirates?? Personally I didn’t like it and I would not recommend this book for children.

  6. Stephanie Bange Stephanie Bange says:

    Pulling out a classic rhyming poem/tale of pirates, underwear, and stinky socks.

    Dirty Joe, a vicious piratey pirate who plunders stinky socks, meets his match when he runs into Stinky Annie, another pirate whose crew plunders stinky underpants. Harley's book, Dirty Joe, the Pirate: A True Story is just as funny and fresh now as when first published in 2008. Hear him tell his story here: https://www.billharley.com/books/dirt...

    Humorous mixed media illustrations by Jack E. Davis are a bonus. The oversized heads with bulbous eyes of the diverse cast of pirates are appropriately melodramatic.

    Pull this one out for a raucous piratey storytime! Aaargh!

    Highly recommended for PreSchool-grade 6.

  7. Lorena Lorena says:

    We’re huge Bill Harley fans, and this adorable pirate tale does not disappoint. The rhymes are clever and fun to read. I read the story in a pirate voice, which enhanced the whole experience for everyone.

    My favorite line of the story is on the last page, so if you don’t want a spoiler, read the story first!
    (view spoiler)[If you've got an older sister, then I feel bad for you,
    'Cause just as long as she's alive, she'll tell you what to do. (hide spoiler)]

  8. Goshen PL Childrens Goshen PL Childrens says:

    Read at Storytime: September 13th
    Theme: Pirates

  9. Karla Winick-Ford Karla Winick-Ford says:


    kids LOVED it

    super fun sibling story

    great if you have an older girl and a boy

  10. Madison Madison says:

    Dirty Joe is a pirate who sails the seven seas, attacking ships and stealing their stinky socks. He finally meets his match when he runs up against Stinky Annie and her crew of women pirates who steal underwear. It turns out that Annie is his older sister. She bests him in the fight and steals his underpants. The moral of the story? Older sisters will always tell you what to do.

    My son liked this story, but it was a bit wordy for him. He was definitely squirming half way through.